welcome to #100 of hedgerow! this issue celebrates all things ‘hedgerow’ & features hundred small pieces of poetry & art, some by poets that were in the very first issue! thank you so much for turning up week after week poets & artists, readers & supporters, without you this publication would not be thriving…

as promised, #100 is also available as a print copy! it can be purchased from the publisher at the link below —


it is also available from amazon.

with this final issue of the year, i wish you all a happy & peaceful new year, hoping to hear from you all soon!

with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne,
founding editor





13 thoughts on “#100

  1. A stunning, generous compilation here. I have a favorite.
    If I only had a duet partner who was ready and willing…
    Here you have finally arrived at a century mark, and yet,
    I feel you”ve only scratched the surface with this beginning.

    Congratulations to all contributors and staff, and best wishes in the coming year. Myke

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