welcome to #99 of hedgerow.

this week features work by Chad Lee Robinson, Robert Epstein, Christina Martin, Mary Kendall & R.D. Kendall, Mary Jo Balistreri, Alan Summers, Mike Rehling, Chen-ou Liu, Jan Benson, Ken Slaughter, Louise Hopewell, Pat Davis, Julie Warther, Zee Zahava, Fred Andrle, Mike Gallagher, Billy Antonio & Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco.

please note that submissions to hedgerow are now closed. there will be an announcement on our fb page once we open for submissions in the new year.


please also note that bios are no longer included in the journal. if you have a new book out or other important news you wish to share, do ask & we might make an exception.

to enjoy this week’s bumper issue, click on the link below!


with love & kindness

caroline skanne,
founding editor


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