hedgerow is a quarterly short-poetry journal dedicated to publishing an eclectic mix of new & established voices across the spectrum of the short poem, with particular attention to the constantly evolving forms of haiku, senryu, tanka & haiga.


Caroline Skanne,
founding editor


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  1. It is my first time on this site. Can you tell me what you consider a “short” poem? In checking past submissions, I am finding that the lengths vary in length considerably and am not sure what you consider short. Thanks! Michele


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  3. One Thing

    One thing I suddenly understood
    when a bird
    sang on a bough
    in a dark wood
    is that when that song was heard
    by the heart is forever now.

    Charl JF Cilliers


    dark earth
    now stops my mouth:
    the silence of the rose
    will blossom in its own season
    of truth

    Charl JF Cilliers

    a special day
    that is but never was
    because I’m always wanting it
    to be

    Charl JF Cilliers

    struggling with words
    to fill shapes, when those words
    are not content to be the things

    Charl JF Cilliers

    my cold breath
    mists into
    a dove’s call

    Charl JF Cilliers

    the sun sets
    the rain
    on fire

    Charl JF Cilliers

    the heron stands
    conducting a chorus
    of silences

    Charl JF Cilliers

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