welcome to #101 of hedgerow. it’s good to be back! following the success of the print edition of hedgerow #100, it has been decided that hedgerow will be available as a print edition 4 times a year, beginning with spring. thanks to everyone who purchased ‘hedgerow #100’. if you haven’t yet, simply click on the link below —


this week features work by Dietmar Tauchner, Chase Gagnon, David Serjeant, Robert Epstein, Joy McCall, Marta Chocilowska, Michael Rehling, Larry Kimmel, David He Zhuanglang, Louise Hopewell, Tony Burfield, Lynn Edge, Maeve O’Sullivan & Ben Moeller-Gaa.

enjoy #101 by clicking on the pdf link below, thank you!


with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne,
founding editor



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