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a little bitter
is okay
morning coffee

For the past year Glenn Ingersoll has been hosting a Poetry Circle at the Berkeley Public Library. He blogs at Dare I Read (http://dareiread.blogspot.com) and has published two chapbooks, Fact (Avantacular Press) and City Walks (broken boulder).





Ken Sawitri was born in Blora, Central Java, Indonesia, and completed
her degree in psychology at the Universitas Indonesia. She dedicated
her haiku for her motherland in ‘Listen, The Spice Whispers, haiku
from Indonesian archipelago’ https://indonesiainmyhaiku.wordpress.com
and noted her journey in writing haiku in ‘Give Yourself A Kiss’

Jimat Achmadi was born in Yogyakarta, Member of United Haiku and Tanka
Society since 2014. Jimat’s work can be found at https://jimatachmadi.wordpress.com/





silent secateurs –
who to prune the apple tree
now that you’re gone?
a cabbage white ignores
the lilies’ megaphone blooms

(for poet P.K. Page, 1916 – 2010)

Richard Stevenson has just retired from a 30-year teaching gig at Lethbridge College in southern Alberta. His most recent books (forthcoming in 2015 -2016) are Fruit Wedge Moon (Hidden Brook Press), The Heiligen Effect (Ekstasis Editions), and Rock, Scissors, Paper: The Clifford Olson Murders (Grey Border Press).






After Forty Years

you take my hand
when we walk together…
the last leaves

a single glance
from your grey eyes
my world—
the earthquake of you

Mary Kendall lives in the southern part of heaven known as Chapel Hill, North Carolina where occasionally she bakes apple pies and dreams up poems.





Christine L. Villa is the founder and editor of Frameless Sky ~ http://framelesssly.weebly.com. With childlike wonder and fascination for ordinary things, she is an animated story teller, a dream weaver, and a sensitive poet.





woodland shade
a fawn’s lips poised
over red berries

Anna Cates lives in Ohio with her two beautiful kitties and teaches in Southern New Hampshire University’s online M.F.A. in creative writing program. A regular contributor to literary publications, her first full length collection of haiku and other poems, “The Meaning of Life,” is available at Cyberwit.net and Amazon: http://www.cyberwit.net/authors/anna-cates





Debbie Strange (Canada) is a published tanka and haiku poet and an avid photographer. She enjoys creating haiga and tanshi (small poem) art. You are invited to see more of her work on Twitter @Debbie_Strange.





beechwood path, winding
such green
such song


bumping umbrellas
again, smiling –
school run.

Andy Thatcher lives in Exeter and is studying and working towards a doctorate in education psychology. He’s a keen runner, cook and loves nothing more than a Sunday morning ramble with his wife and daughter.






Sabine Miller grew up in Miami and now lives near San Fransisco, where it is beautiful beyond measure.





publication credit —

Haiga Ken Sawitri, Painting Jimat Achmadi
Haiku published for the first time as the ‘Izbor Radova’ (The Choice
of Poems) DIOGEN Summer 2013 Haiku Contest – Summer in The Town;
published for the second time in Ardea, Issue 5, 2015






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