#141 is out!

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vines #5 is now online! To read click here.

Submissions for hedgerow #136 welcome. CLOSING DATE: Sun 21st Nov. Please send around 10 poems to: hedgerowsubmission@gmail.com

For full guidelines please see the submission page. To get an idea of the work published in hedgerow, please have a look at a few sample poems or you can buy a print copy here.

#130 is out!

hedgerow #130 is finally out! A big thank you to readers & contributors alike.

ps It is time to send in your submissions for the spring issue (#131).




The current issue can be purchased here, or from Amazon.


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#128—the summer issue is here!

hedgerow #128 (the summer issue) is finally out! Thanks to contributors & readers alike. I look forward to reading your work for the upcoming autumn issue (submissions accepted on a rolling basis).

Enlight (2019-09-10T10_34_38.613)

The summer issue can be purchased here, or from Amazon.




Caroline Skanne

#126—the winter issue is here!

hedgerow #126 (the winter issue) is out! Thanks to contributors & readers alike. I look forward to reading your submissions for the spring issue (submissions accepted on a rolling basis).

The autumn issue can be purchased at the link below, or from Amazon.

hedgerow #126, the winter print issue, 2019

hedgerow #126 COVER front


Caroline Skanne

#123—the spring print issue is here!

hedgerow #123, the spring print issue, 2018



Caroline Skanne
founding editor



welcome to #106 of hedgerow. this week features haiga by resident artist Debbie Strange.

if you missed it last week, the next special edition PRINT ISSUE of hedgerow is scheduled for early spring. it will feature one poem per poet, selected from the usual submissions.

further, if you would like to receive email updates of various calls for submissions, including future print issues of hedgerow / wildflower poetry press anthologies, new releases / special offers ( https://wildflowerpoetrypress.wordpress.com/ ), sign up to our mailing list by sending an email to hedgerowsubmission@gmail.com OR wildflowerpoetrypress@gmail.com with the subject line ‘MAILING LIST’. alternatively, to unsubscribe, simply put ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ in the subject line. thank you!

as always grateful to to readers & contributors alike.

this week features work by Julie Warther, Ian Willey, Debbie Strange, Paul David Mena, Michael Dylan Welch, Margherita Petriccione, Kath Abela Wilson, Dave Read, Julie Kelsey, Pat Davis, Joy McCall, Christina Sng, Joshua Gage, Louise Hopewell, Rachel Sutcliffe & ai li.


to enjoy #106, simply click on the link below…


with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne,
founding editor