welcome to the latest issue of hedgerow, featuring artwork by Sandi Pray. if you enjoy her work you can find more at her blog here — http://ravencliffs.blogspot.com. as always, grateful to contributors & readers alike! thanks for being here.

with love & kindness.



fresh snow covering the dead sparrow in me

Meik Blöttenberger was born in Baltimore to German immigrant parents. He is currently living in Hanover, Pennsylvania and in a decade will be retiring to the high desert of Arizona. His other passions are photography and traveling.







a stronger wind
the hillside drifts
into autumn


surrendering once more
to the wind

David J Kelly lives and works in Dublin, Ireland, where he finds scientific and artistic inspiration in the natural world.







power outage
only the crickets

Anna Cates resides in Wilmington, Ohio and teaches in Southern New Hampshire University’s online M.F.A. in creative writing program. A regular contributor to literary publications, her first full length collection of haiku and other poems, “The Meaning of Life,” is available at Cyberwit.net.







anti social behaviour
all night the wind
kicks a can around


pink moon
the cockerel
up all night


bakery trip
the time it takes to choose
her favourite treat

David Serjeant lives in Derbyshire, UK. He is the current editor of Blithe Spirit, journal of the British Haiku Society. His interests include photography and pottering about (escaping everything) on his allotment. He publishes poetry and works in progress at http://distantlightning.blogspot.co.uk/. He also writes about his experiences with multiple sclerosis at https://davesmagicalbrain.wordpress.com/







dedicated to Debi

whose thick black hair
waves over her shoulders
whose soulful eyes,
large and brown,
follow my every footstep –
her fidelity unshaken
by any of my missteps

Joann Grisetti grew up in Sasebo Japan and eighteen other places. She now lives in Florida with her husband and two sons. Her poetry, photos and stories have appeared in a number of print and online journals.





the art in this issue was brought to you by Sandi Pray
a wild child who roams between mountain and marsh in North Carolina and Florida, http://ravencliffs.blogspot.com.



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