#127—the spring issue is here!

hedgerow #127 (the spring issue) is finally out! Thanks to contributors & readers alike. I look forward to reading your work for the upcoming summer issue (submissions accepted on a rolling basis).

The spring issue can be purchased at the link below, or from Amazon.

hedgerow #127

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Caroline Skanne


#123—the spring print issue is here!

hedgerow #123, the spring print issue, 2018



Caroline Skanne
founding editor


#110 (spring print issue)

welcome back to hedgerow! in the spring print issue we bring you beautiful examples of haibun, para-ekphrastic haibun, tanka prose, haiku sequence, cherita, double cherita, rengay, rengay art, haiga, tanka art; and more still! the aim is to publish one print issue of the journal every quarter. the online issues will resume from next week, with #111. i look forward to your submissions!

i extend my gratitude to contributors and readers alike. without your continued support, this publication would not be thriving!

with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne, editor



hedgerow #110 can be purchased from the wildflower poetry press website https://wildflowerpoetrypress.wordpress.com/

it is also available from amazon uk, usa & eu.




#100 of hedgerow features work by —

David J Kelly, Grace Galton, Julie Warther, Stephen Toft, Ron C. Moss, Agnes Eva Savich, Elmedin Kadric, Deborah P Kolodji, Michael Dylan Welch, Johnny Baranski and Clayton Beach, Ian Willey, Dave Read, Gabriel Bates, Pamela A. Babusci, Christina Sng, Simon Hanson, David Oates, Ola Lindberg, Gail Oare, Anne Elise Burgevin, Neal Whitman, Mary White, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Anna Cates, Robyn Cairns, Dietmar Tauchner, Jill Lange, Mike Rehling, Paul Chambers, Chen-ou Liu, S. M. Kozubek, Pris Campbell, Marilyn Humbert, Nika, Ken Olson, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, Maureen Kingston, John Hawkhead, Eufemia Griffo, Patricia Prime, Amy Losak, Mark Miller, Andy McLellan, Michael H. Lester, John Hawk, Debbie Strange, Rick Tarquinio, Tina Crenshaw, Marta Chocilowska, David Serjeant, Kath Abela Wilson, Lucia Fontana, Pat Davis, Rachel Sutcliffe, Carole Johnston, Barnabas I. Adeleke, Zee Zahava, Tim Gardiner, Maeve O’Sullivan, Barry George, Steve Smolak, Jeffrey Hanson, Alan Summers, Christine L. Villa, Louise Hopewell, Debbi Antebi, Anna Maris, Joy McCall, Larry Kimmel, Terri L. French, Jay Friedenberg, Marietta McGregor, Mary Jo Balistreri, ai li, Marilyn Fleming, Joshua Gage, Vera Constantineau, Jennifer Hambrick, Paul Smith

hedgerow #25

welcome to #25 of hedgerow, featuring ten different poets & artists. in this issue we celebrate the international haiku poetry day. thanks for stopping by everyone! enjoy.

with love & kindness.





old mare
on her back
the sun

Debbie Strange (Canada) is a published tanka and haiku poet and an avid photographer. She enjoys creating haiga and tanshi (small poem) art. You are invited to see more of her work on Twitter @Debbie_Strange.





Barbara Kaufmann can be found (or lost) wandering in the woods, beaches and gardens of New York, her camera and notebook in hand, hunting for poems.http://wabisabipoet.wordpress.com/




spring rain
so many greens
on my palette


April picnic
every sandwich
slightly damp

Rachel Sutcliffe, from Yorkshire, UK, has suffered from a serious immune disorder for the past 14 years, throughout this time writing has been her therapy, it keeps her from going insane!




leaving for London
the dawn chorus
sees me off


Thirteen Bends Road
as usual we argue
the number


war exhibition
the crawling toddler
has lost a shoe

David Serjeant lives with his young family in Derbyshire, UK. He is the current editor of Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society. Among other things, he enjoys art-house and foreign cinema and growing vegetables.




morning meditation…
separating the worm
from a weed’s roots


muddy puddles —
opening a new box
of watercolors

Julie Warther (@JulieWarther) lives in Dover, Ohio and serves as Midwest Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America. (www.hsa-haiku.org). Her haiku chapbook “What Was Here” is available through Folded Word Press. http://foldedword.bigcartel.com/product/what-was-here




stepping into whitespace rain

Mike Andrelczyk is currently living in Strasburg, PA. Also lived in Los Angeles, Ca. and Lewes, De. He likes writing haiku about the ocean, potatoes, moons, plants – mostly little things except the ocean which is huge, and the moon which looks little but isn’t. Follow on Twitter @MikeAndrelczyk.




the tears
collecting in his eyes
turn to sobs …
until now, I have never
let myself cry like this

Anne Curran who lives with her cat Ollie and extended family
in Hamilton, New Zealand has been writing Japanese verse forms for publication for about four years. She is a great fan of many other short verse poets.




Tea washes down these many dry hours
I haven’t spoken to a soul all day
Tonight I shall dry my throat again
Talking, talking, talking to the moon

Lightwater lives and writes on the shores of the North Sea in England. His blog can be found at hagakimoon.blogspot.co.uk.





Alexis Rotella (Arnold, Maryland, USA) served as Haiku Society of America President in 1984, her famous poem Purple appears in Creative Writing: An Intro to Poetry and Fiction St. Martin’s Press, Teaching with Heart (Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 2014).




as far as my dreams can see … lily of the valley

Lolly Williams, from California, is a little magpie who collects scraps of words, phrases, images and other shiny things for her short form poetry and mixed media art. Her work can be found in various print and online publications.