welcome to the latest issue of hedgerow! for those who missed it last week — we’re thrilled to be celebrating our 100th issue in a few weeks time. this will be a special feature, available both online AND as a print copy!

this week features work by Mark Miller, Chase Gagnon, Amy Losak, Alexis Rotella, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Julie Warther, Michael O’Brien, Dave Read, Pat Davis, Elizabeth Alford, Maeve O’Sullivan & Meik Blöttenberger.

as always, grateful to both contributors & readers. click on the link below to enjoy #97!


with love & kindness,

caroline skanne
founding editor


5 thoughts on “#97

  1. Another beautiful issue, and Chase’s artwork,photography never fail to make me stop and rest right there inside each offering–I enjoyed everything about this issue. Thank you to Julie, Dave, Meik, Maeve, Elizabeth, all of you.

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