welcome to #46 of hedgerow, featuring artwork by september’s resident artist Sandi Pray. if you enjoy her work please pass by her blog — http://ravencliffs.blogspot.com. grateful to all the poets contributing to this issue as well as the readers, thanks for being here!

new book reviews added at the link below —

with love & kindness.




it’s how
I long
to greet you —
becoming the breeze

Paul Smith is a poet from Worcester in the UK. Alongside poetry Paul enjoys Japanese style ink painting, building cigar box guitars and playing old time blues.







blue water
sunshine brightens
the coral

Simon Hanson lives in rural South Australia near The Great Southern Ocean. He relishes these open spaces and the moods of the land and sea from which he draws much inspiration. The more he delves into haiku the more he realises that it is akin to a way of living and there is always so much more to learn.







silver spider thread
connecting the volcano
to the crescent moon

Mike Andrelczyk is currently living in Strasburg, Pa. Also lived in Los Angeles, Ca. and Lewes, De. He likes writing haiku about the ocean, potatoes, moons, plants – mostly little things except the ocean which is huge, and the moon which looks little but isn’t. Poems and fiction have been featured in Modern Haiku, Haiku 2015 (Modern Haiku Press), A New Resonance 8 (Red Moon Press), The Inquisitive Eater, The Bitchin’ Kitsch. Follow on Twitter @MikeAndrelczyk.







briny lagoon—
flamingos fly the sunset
to the east

Marietta McGregor is an Australian botanist and writer who has spent much of her life explaining scientific concepts. She now tries to let things explain themselves through an early love, haiku. She lives in Canberra and hopes to capture a sense of the bush, mountains and ocean in her work.







harvest moon tonight a rice-pounding song

Billy Antonio is from the Philippines. He writes haiku to remind himself of moments he thinks are worth remembering. http://themoss-coveredwell.blogspot.com






the art in this issue was brought to you by Sandi Pray

a wild child who roams between mountain and marsh in North Carolina and Florida, http://ravencliffs.blogspot.com.





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