welcome to this week’s issue. to readers & contributors alike — thanks for being here!

as mentioned previously, some fantastic work has already been accepted for the summer print issue. it is scheduled for #120. if you haven’t already read the spring print edition, it is available from wildflower poetry press —https://wildflowerpoetrypress.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/new-release-hedgerow-110-the-spring-print-issue/

this week features work by Michael Dylan Welch, Marilyn Humbert, Nika, Alexis Rotella, Goran Gatalica, Sandi Pray, Ken Olson, Kala Ramesh, Agnes Savich, Dave Read, Debbie Strange, David He Zhuanglang, Catherine LoFrumento, Brendon Kent, Fred Andrle, Julie Warther, John Hawkhead, Rachel Sutcliffe, Joy McCall, Simon Hanson & Ron C. Moss

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#116 hedgerow

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Caroline Skanne,
founding editor