welcome to the latest issue of hedgerow! as always grateful to contributors & readers alike, thank you all for being here.

the art in this issue can be found in the beautiful book ‘Peru Journey 2015’ which features photographs by Tom Clausen that have been digitally enhanced by Alexis Rotella.

the book can be viewed here — http://nowvel.com/book/5593e53458cccbcf0e0d6d04


with love & kindness.







just because
cold beach
at 3:00 a.m.

Anna Cates lives in Ohio with her two beautiful kitties and teaches in Southern New Hampshire University’s online M.F.A. in creative writing program.  A regular contributor to literary publications, her first full length collection of haiku and other poems, “The Meaning of Life,” is available at Cyberwit.net and Amazon: http://www.cyberwit.net/authors/anna-cates







reading Gertrude Stein
under her sun hat
a smile is a smile is a smile

Perry L. Powell lives in College Park, Georgia, USA.  He works as a systems analyst and writes poetry out of love and loss in the evening.







sing your songs
of love
to me
but not
with words


a single breath
could last forever…
in the ocean
of you


the memory
of your touch
runs through me
like a river —
midnight blues

Paul Smith is a poet from Worcester in the UK. Alongside poetry Paul enjoys Japanese style ink painting, building cigar box guitars and playing old time blues.







the hydrangea
finally produces
a poem

Julie Warther (@JulieWarther) serves as Midwest Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America. (http://www.hsa-haiku.org) Her most recent venture involves the installation of 30 haiku stones as part of the Holmes County Open Air Art Museum in Millersburg, Ohio. (http://www.innathoneyrun.com/successful-grand-opening-ceremony/)







pulling saffron threads
a pinch of spice for the stew…
one more passing year

Pat Geyer lives in East Brunswick, NJ, USA. Her home is surrounded by the parks and lakes where she finds her inspiration in Nature. She is an amateur photographer and poet.







owl’s call
through the haze of years
a child walking in the woods


fading asters
tap tap of footsteps
on the dry path

Joyce Joslin Lorenson lives in Rhode Island, U.S.A., grew up on a dairy farm and records the daily happenings in nature around her rural home.




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