welcome to the last issue for 2015! it has been a glorious year for hedgerow, thank you everyone so much for turning up week after week! #60 features a series of raven photographs by the talented Paula Dawn Lietz (http://www.pdlietzphotography.com), as well as work by six different poets; a mix of new & familiar faces.


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caroline skanne, founder / editor







thrilled to announce that in early 2016, wildflower poetry press will publish Carole Johnston’s exciting new book MANIC DAWN! this stunning collection features fifty small poems by Carole Johnston & paintings by the artist Anne Milligan. the book will be available to purchase from the publisher (https://wildflowerpoetrypress.wordpress.com/) as well as from amazon in early 2016.

YOU CAN PREORDER a signed copy straight from Carole Johnston NOW! (for further details contact Carole directly @ morgana.bag@hotmail.com)

 image 1.jpg

This collection of poems is a synthesis of Carole’s fascination with Celtic myth and Japanese short form poetry, inspired by Dianne Di Prima’s Loba poems. Women, in these poems, shape-shift from girls to crows, from bag ladies to goddesses. 


that weird woman
with her bags of bags
origami crow
has she forgotten how
to button her sweater?


Carole Johnston lives and writes in Lexington, Kentucky, although she grew up in ‘nowhere zen New Jersey.’ Although she loves to wander, she never belongs anywhere. Carole has published numerous haiku and tanka in various journals and her chapbook,Journeys: Getting Lost, was published by Finishing Line Press. She can be found @morganabag on Twitter and Carole Herzog Johnston on Facebook







hunting season over
the deer with the broken leg
in my yard again


North Star
with my thoughts


winter sky tearing a page from his book

Julie Warther (@JulieWarther) serves as Midwest Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America. (http://www.hsa-haiku.org) Her most recent venture involves the installation of 30 haiku stones as part of the Holmes County Open Air Art Museum in Millersburg, Ohio. (http://www.innathoneyrun.com/successful-grand-opening-ceremony/)














a crow perches
watching the warthogs’
ordered line passing
from hill to dappled shade
the river meanders by



striding out
sturdy siblings
tails dismissing the flies
nature choreographed
stronger together


*poems written in response to A Family of Warthog Moving On, 1968.


Tim Gardiner is an ecologist and poet from Manningtree in Essex, UK. His first collection of poetry, Wilderness, was published by Brambleby Books in 2015. more at http://www.essexfieldclub.org.uk/portal/p/Insect+poetry/r/view/u/125/x/91f6ad49

Alexandra Davis is an English teacher and poet from Felixstowe in Suffolk, UK.














frozen fields
my footsteps crack
the silence

Rachel Sutcliffe, from Yorkshire, UK, has suffered from a serious immune disorder for the past 14 years, throughout this time writing has been her therapy, it’s what keeps her from going insane!














snowed under
the snow moon…
some hands
find warmth near
a garbage can fire

Pat Geyer lives in East Brunswick, NJ, USA. Her home is surrounded by the parks and lakes where she finds her inspiration in Nature. She is an amateur photographer and poet.














sips of green tea
and talk of hometown politics …
aging immigrants

Chen-ou Liu is currently the editor and translator of NeverEnding Story, http://neverendingstoryhaikutanka.blogspot.ca/, and the author of five books, including Following the Moon to the Maple Land (First Prize, 2011 Haiku Pix Chapbook Contest) and A Life in Transition and Translation (Honorable Mention, 2014 Turtle Light Press Biennial Haiku Chapbook Competition)






Qu’apple valley
the further I get from home
prairie willows


on these earthly plains
snow angel

Devin Harrison, Vancouver Island – Canada, started writing Haiku about 3 years ago and is devoted to the genre. Last year he received first 1st in the Akida Contest, Japan.






the art is this issue was brought to you by Paula Dawn Lietz 

an accomplished published poet.  She is as well a multi-genre artist and photographer specializing in digital media. Lietz has garnered an impressive range of credits working with various publishers and authors, and revels in the creative energy generated within the artistic and literary community…

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