#134 is out!

hedgerow #134 is finally out… Thanks to all readers & contributors!

This issue is dedicated to the memory of haiku poet Anita Virgil (1931-2021). To find out more about her work please visit her website (https://anitavirgil.com/).

The current issue can be purchased here, or from Amazon. Submissions for #135 welcome!

PS Recently I had the pleasure of talking haiku, life & hedgerow with Mike Rehling (ed. failed haiku). The interview is available to watch here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tRRld4WfTw). I’d also recommend watching the other interviews in this series!

all best,

Caroline Skanne (ed.)


4 thoughts on “#134 is out!

  1. Anita Virgil merged irony and analogy as well as anyone in our time.

    The Failed Haiku session with Mike Rehling and Caroline Skanne is an interview for the ages.

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