welcome to #118. to readers & contributors alike — thanks for your continued support!

this week wildflower poetry press announced the release of the new exciting poetry title ‘singing into darkness: tanka and ryuka triptychs’ by Joy McCall & Liam Wilkinson. to find out more, simply follow the link below —  https://wildflowerpoetrypress.wordpress.com/current-titles/

also, as mentioned previously, some fantastic work has already been accepted for the summer print issue. it is scheduled for #120. we still have a few more pages to fill!

this week features work by Chad Lee Robinson, Marianne Paul, Kala Ramesh, Michael Dylan Welch, stephen toft, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Mike Rehling, Goran Gatalica, Eufemia Griffo, Chen-ou Liu, Lucia Fontana, Julie Warther, Brad Bennett, Mary Hanrahan, Jessica Malone Latham, Jan Benson, Martha Magenta, Andy McLellan, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Simon Hanson, Maeve O’Sullivan, Salil Chaturvedi, John Martone, Joy McCall, Ron C. Moss

please click on the link below…

#118 hedgerow

with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne,
founding editor


4 thoughts on “#118

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  2. Reblogged this on Memorie di una Geisha, multiblog dedicato alla poesia d'ispirazione giapponese and commented:
    #118Hedgerow…is UP!
    It’ always a great honor read my little poem in Hedgerow: a journal of small poems the fabolous magazines, edited by Caroline Skanne
    Wonderful to be among excellent haikuists from all over the world.
    This week features work by Chad Lee Robinson, Marianne Paul, Kala Ramesh, Michael Dylan Welch, stephen toft, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Mike Rehling, Goran Gatalica, Eufemia Griffo, Chen-ou Liu, Lucia Fontana, Julie Warther, Brad Bennett, Mary Hanrahan, Jessica Malone Latham, Jan Benson, Martha Magenta, Andy McLellan, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Simon Hanson, Maeve O’Sullivan, Salil Chaturvedi, John Martone, Joy McCall, Ron C. Moss.
    Thank you dear Caroline for included me in the new number.


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