welcome to #85 of hedgerow. this week features art by Debbie Strange. you can visit her blog here — http://www.debbiemstrange.blogspot.ca/. as always, grateful to contributors & readers alike. enjoy!


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caroline skanne
founding editor










the distance
of the harrier’s cry
withered moor


freeing itself
of itself
the thawing stream



Paul Chambers is a haiku author from Newport, South Wales. His work can be viewed at www.paulchambershaiku.com











Torn Petals.jpg











fluffy white cloud
our old cat
is gone

Ben Moeller-Gaa is the author of two haiku chapbooks, the Pushcart nominated Wasp Shadows (Folded Word Press 2014) and Blowing on a Hot Soup Spoon (poor metaphor design 2014). Learn more about Ben at www.benmoellergaa.com.










this rune resembles a tree
arms lifted up
to the maddening sky…I raise
my arms and dance with myself

rune like mountain peaks
daring us
to leap like warriors
ready to crash or fly

gateway rune
like a deer among woods
on the space “between
heaven and mundane”

Carole Johnston lives in her imagination most of the time, but sometimes, she lives in Lexington, Kentucky. She writes short poems every day and has published two books of poetry: “Journeys-Getting Lost” and “Manic Dawn.”











Folding Unfolding_1.jpg










sand dunes
the deepening creases
in my skin


wind chimes
the fledgling’s
first flight

Christina Sng writes haiku to immerse in nature amid life in the city. She finds joy in gardening, birdsong, and sakura tea. Find her at christinasng.com.










long road trip…
reaching the dead end
of our relationship

Debbi Antebi (@debbisland) exhales oxygen while writing poems. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey, with her husband and books.






















roar of chainsaws
the green man

Pat Davis lives in Pembroke, New Hampshire, USA.  She enjoys her family, reading, writing, painting, and going places with her husband.











parked bulldozer
a field of daises
overtakes the blade


“RV/ Camping”
black snags poke
out of a swamp


no scarves, no pipes
since when did the snowmen
quit smoking?

Richard Stevenson, Nanaimo, BC, Canada











winter moon
a coat of mismatched buttons
left on the curb

Nika is the pen name of Jim Force. He has published two chapbooks: frogs singing (1993) and snail my friend (2015). Nika lives in Victoria BC where he writes with The Heron’s Quill. He is a member of Haiku Arbutus as well as Haiku Canada.











for fifteen years
my mother walks back
through time
returning at the end
to where it all began

Susan Constable lives on the west coast of Canada, where she’s been writing haiku and tanka for the past ten years. She was the tanka editor from 2012-2016 for the online journal, A Hundred Gourds.










Summer Storm.jpg



the art in this issue was brought to you  by Debbie Strange. you can read more about her here — http://www.hedgerowpoems.wordpress.com/poet-artist-in-conversation/



publication credits —


Debbie Strange – torn petals – Failed Haiku, May 2016

Debbie Strange – folding unfolding – brass bell, September 2015

Debbie Strange – sunrise sunflower – brass bell, November 2015

Debbie Strange – summer storm – Frameless Sky, June 2015



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