welcome to this week’s issue of hedgerow. thanks to contributors & readers alike, you make this a beautiful place.

thrilled to announce the latest title to be published shortly by wildflower poetry press — BETWEEN HERE AND HOME A LIFETIME by Mike Keville. you can reserve your copy NOW by sending an email to wildflowerpoetrypress@gmail.com. as always 10% of any profit will go to a wildlife rescue.

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with love & kindness,

caroline skanne
founding editor








downsizing a boxful of bonsai pots


march sun
a small box
of raisins

Meik Blöttenberger was born in Baltimore to German immigrant parents. He is currently living in Hanover, Pennsylvania and in a decade will be retiring to the high desert of Arizona. His other passions are photography and traveling.







moonlit path;
my fingers catch on
a cobweb


a stray ticket
found in my coat;
museum trip


Darling Harbour lights;
the fire eaters’

Tanvi Velankar is a teacher who lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been writing haiku and senryu for three months now and draws inspiration from her travels, the nature in her local area, and everyday objects and experiences.







Good Friday the 13th
the cats’ triangle formation
at my door

Francis “Wes” Alexander is a prolific writer who submits his manuscripts while listening to T-Bones Prime Cuts on Saturday nights. His stories and poems have appeared in numerous publications, including the most recent edition of Scifaikuest where he is the Featured Poet. His cats are pleased to be mentioned in the current ku.










Mike Keville from London AKA Mikeymike.







a moment of silence
for the piano
I never learned to play

Elizabeth Alford is a college grad with a B.A. in English and a PhD in caffeine addiction. She lives in California, USA with her loving fiancé, mother, and two dopey dogs. Her favorite things include yerba mate, sushi, loud music on long drives, staring at the stars, and short poetry. Follow her poetry adventures @ Facebook.com/ElizabethAlfordPoetry







antique saddle
in hay and shadows
barn swallows

Anna Cates is an award-winning short form poet and writer who lives in Ohio with her two cats and teaches English and education online.







spring equinox
a sparrow dips its foot
in our new birdbath


moss blanket
comfort of knowing
nature embraces us all

Christina Sng is a poet, writer, and artist. Visit her online at christinasng.com.











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