hedgerow #3

welcome to the third issue of hedgerow! a big thanks to our 17 marvellous poets & artists. comments, likes & shares are welcomed, as are your submissions to forthcoming issues. thanks for stopping by! with love & kindness, enjoy…


Mike Keville

I trade my pencil
for a computer
wtih splel chcek

left in no doubt her eyes roll skyward

on a dark day
some sunlight

Mike Keville from London AKA Mikeymike.

Steve Wilkinson


Steve Wilkinson, Co.Durham,England. Editor of The Bamboo Hut. Lover of poetry,art and photography. http://thebamboohut.weebly.com

Kanchan Chatterjee

some guitar riffs
a soft laugh
a creaking
door. . .

sometimes you’ve got
only that


a late
August noon. . .

Kanchan Chatterjee lives in Jamshedpur, India, he loves to write short poems/haiku and sharing a hearty meal with his family.

Sandi Pray



Sandi Pray is a wild child who roams between mountain and marsh in North Carolina and Florida, http://ravencliffs.blogspot.com.

S.Eta Grubešić

The rhythm of my heart –
out of tune jazz orchestra.

S.Eta Grubešić, Croatia, ex-journalist, writer of short stories, poems and
photographer. Her works have been published in various books and literary e-portals.

Paula Dawn Lietz

I Dreamt I Swam in an Ocean of Winter

I dreamt I swam in an ocean of winter
and flew amidst the slippery slopes
of the finest petals.
I dreamt of moonlight gauze that swathed
my heart, rigid tenacity of the dressing
validating each beat, lub dup lub dup.
Dolphins frolicked alongside
white horses in the froth of grassy meadows.
You and I had no meaning we were simply~
there, together as one, naked and raw.
Minnows and gulls tried to play
but trust elusive between the waves.
As one cell called humanity we shook our heads
the dream was not theirs to direct.

I dreamt I swam in an ocean of winter.


Paula Dawn Lietz ( Pd Lietz ) is an accomplished multi-genre artist, photographer and poet. http://www.pdlietzphotography.com

Chase Gagnon

in my florescent office
I wonder…
how small are the fairies
in the bonsai forest
on my desk?

When I return to the earth
I’ll let the fairies play hide and seek
with my bones
in hopes that they’ll hollow
my phalanges into little flutes
so music can flow
from the tips of my fingers
that crafted countless poems.

Chase Gagnon is a student from Detroit, who loves staying up all night drinking coffee and writing poetry. His poems have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies over the past two years.

Debbie Strange


Debbie Strange is a published tanka and haiku poet, as well as an avid photographer. Her current passion is for creating haiga and tanshi (small poem) art.

Devin Harrison

wind chimes—
conduit for the rapture
of air

Devin Harrison recently won the Akita International University President Award.

Bill Waters

child’s bike
leaning against
a No Parking sign

traitor moon —
lovers are lost
without your light!

Bill Waters (U.S.A.) enthusiastically posts his haiku and more at twitter.com/bill312 and BillWatersHaiku.WordPress.com

Stevie Strang


Stevie Strang is a writer, photographer/Artist and late night poet in Southern California. More of her work can be viewed a thttp://justperfectstudio.blogspot.com/

Robert Johnston

now she’s five
or six
she tells
she wants to reach
so she can marry
and I say
that’s like
a bell
then buying a push-
but hell
this is the girl who tosses
across the table
in the mall
and we have
it out
of the left-over
sour cream
moon beams

Robert Johnston, author of ‘Finding Me and You – an exploration of consciousness’ (Smashwords, 2014), lives in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Barbara Kaufmann


Barbara Kaufmann can be found (or lost) wandering the woods, beaches and gardens of New York, camera and notebook in hand, hunting for poems. http://wabisabipoet.wordpress.com/

Shloka Shankar

solitaire –
you promise me
the moon

go green
I recycle my rejected

railway tracks…
the path that doesn’t lead
me to you

Shloka Shankar is a freelance writer residing in India. She loves experimenting with poetry and has found her niche in Japanese verse forms and found/erasure visual art. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shloka-Shankar-a-rasikas-musings/745965042120215?ref=bookmarks

Angelo B. Ancheta

sipping nectar
in the hedgerow
a fallen kite

pulling the night
a blanket of starlight
between breaths

Angelo B. Ancheta lives in Rizal province in the Philippines. He
writes haiku and short poems to unlock his mind, and flash fiction to
keep his sanity.

North Gregory

‘River Reflection’ (Black River, Ontario, Canada)


North Gregory, Canada


previously published work —

Paula Dawn Letz ‘I Dreamt I Swam in an Ocean of Winter’ appeared in *Visions, Voices, and Verses Anthology for the New Britain Museum of American Art*
by Exiles Press 2012.


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  1. Beautiful poetry as always… Quickly becoming one of my favorite publications. I love that there is now a venue for misc/hybrid short poems. Every poem was a delight!

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